Executive Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

    Gain support and insight to reset your mental systems; remain focused on priorities; and master process and relationships to create success sooner. Benefit from:


    • a confidential partner to help you sort through your thinking and         strategize

    • a safe place to offload and explore ideas and solutions

    • a keen eye that can see the invisibles you don’t, and illuminate your blind   spots

    • an accountability buddy to help you stay focused on priorities


    Group Coaching

    We coach your existing group, or you may join one we create. We work with small groups of Executives, business persons and professionals from the public, private or non-profit sectors. The process of working together in a supportive group can:


    • accelerate your learning in a non-competitive environment

    • ignite ideas you may not have thought of on your own

    • energize you through feedback, creative problem-solving and possibility     thinking

    • build your confidence

    • stretch your ambition to grow, change and achieve

    • advance your business or career through an engaged network